Rainbow Riches General Information

Slot games are one of the best options to play in the world of casinos. With the constant progress, innovation, and evolution of casino games throughout the decades, it is no wonder if their creativeness and variety will always evolve. One of the testaments of this is the Rainbow Riches slot game series. The franchise is famously known for its huge variety of slot games that constantly entertain the players. 

The success of the franchise is not just mostly about their games, there are also numerous other factors such as their adaptability to players and technological changes, innovative minds when it comes to providing exciting gameplay, and the huge variety of their games that it leaves players with so much choice. 

What is Rainbow Riches 

Rainbow Riches is a popular slot game franchise with multiple spinoffs and sequels with different themes but with a similar game genre: the slot. The franchise started way back in 2006. Barcrest Studios created them as a single game originally, the Rainbow Riches. The original game used to be straightforward, consisting of five reels and a three-row slot though its theme is still what is mostly used until now. The main theme of this slot game series is the Irish luck together with a leprechaun that assists you in your journey of winning prizes throughout your entire gameplay. It introduces a game with bright and colorful yet endearing outdated graphics, vibrant music, and also an engaging gameplay. 

Its initial success back then definitely skyrocketed its popularity as it eventually created multiple Rainbow Riches slot games consisting of sequels and spinoffs. The continuous success of the franchise tests the innovative and creative minds of the developers as to how they implement different kinds of games despite being a single game genre. However, many different mechanics and concepts were introduced by the said franchise as they produced different multiple games that we know today. 

Talking About the Diversity of the Franchise

When it comes to its diversity, one cannot simply doubt it because there are plenty of engaging ways to enjoy the game. From simply calculating a safe and risky bet to formulating possible bonuses, it’s up to the players how they enjoy the game while also naturally winning big prizes. Here we explore some of the best and most well-known features of this slot game series.

Pick ‘n’ Mix Feature

Many slot games usually don’t let their players choose which kind of bonuses they want to play with. However, the Pick ‘n’ Mix feature, allows players to choose which bonus they want to play at the start of the game. What they only need to do is to choose wisely and know which kind of bonuses or features they want to utilize. 

Unlike some slot games which are solely based on the player’s luck, Pick ‘n’ Mix features an element of patience and strategy to the players which adds an extra layer of engagement and excitement. 

Free Spins Feature

Free Spins is one of the most common bonuses or features in slot games. As the name suggests, it allows players to save a little to a significant amount of money by playing the game for free. The free spins feature will always vary from a slot game when it comes to its amount and ways of triggering them. The best thing about this feature is that it has the chance to be extremely lucrative for the players if they are lucky enough. In other words, it could let them spend less and earn more. 

Big Bet Feature

The bigger you bet, the bigger you win. The Big Bet feature is an advantage given to the players when they bet bigger prizes. This usually gives them additional bonuses or features, higher chances, and increased RTP. 


Rainbow Riches Slot games may be a single genre of a game. However, when it comes to enjoyment and winnings, players will rarely run out of choices since the franchise gives them many ways to enjoy the game and win prizes while not taking away the intensity and thrill of the games. At the end of the day, what matters the most is the catering of the interests and preferences of the players. It is up to them how they want to win and how they want to enjoy the games provided to them.